Tactical training for real life, 

by guys who know the business... 

A new generation of predator!

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Pipe Hitters Tactical is an association of the highest performing professionals in the world. Experts from many different disciplines have come together to set a real, acceptable, recognized standard throughout the industry. Green Berets, Navy SEALs, TV Celebrity experts, bounty hunters, top civilian and law enforcement. Every course you take through a member school, will be recognized now at all of the schools world wide. The standards and curriculum are set by the top names in the world. These standards cannot be disputed, as the top performing guys in the world have agreed and set them. 

For the first time, one standard, agreed and set by the top names. No more going to classes and not having your certs recognized by another school. No more starting over at level one. Now you can continually build your training from multiple sources, each adding upon the other.

You will also know for sure if your school is teaching real stuff or they are promoting their own theories. If the school is a member, you know the curriculum came from not one, but a panel of the top experts in the world.  All agreeing on the principles. 

Each student will receive a certification card. You will be recognized at any school in the association. You will have proof for any employer, or potential employer that you have met the standard and they can verify your credentials through us.

Through the association you will be assured the most current skills are being taught. The curriculum is continually updated by the panel with input from guys in the field working across the world. You will have the cutting edge in gear, skills, and tactics. 

Demand your school meets the standard and joins the association!

A new breed of predator

forging today's warriors!

Tactical training for real life

by guys who know the business...

Prepare yourselves to be warriors!


Pipe Hitters Tactical introduces our new course, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments in Hostile Austere Environments, a course that finally, standardizes practices and procedures in conducting field assessments.  This course is designed for the professional, whose sole function is to identify penetrations access points, which threaten the safety of individuals inside a compound.

Others might feel that offer similar training, take the course you decide.

Certification Course: Threat & Vulnerability Assessments Hostile Austere   Environments (Fundamentals) Phase 1

Duration: (5) Business Days

Description: The course is designed to introduce students to standardized practices and procedures, for conducting Threat Assessments, to secured and, or classified U.S. government facilities worldwide. The emphases will focus on understanding what is needed, how to identify relevant areas, and how to document the area.


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