Jim Wood

In 1983 I joined the United States Marines, my 1st duty station was Hawaii. while stationed in hawaii I went to the Marine Scout/Sniper school at Quatico Va.  I returned to hawaii and became a team member in a sniper team.  In 1986 I re-enlisted and went to Camp LeJuene, N.C. where I joined another Sniper platoon as a Team leader.  While there I became an Armorer and range Coach.  I then re-enlisted once more and was stationed in Salt Lake City, Ut.  While in Utha I trained and trained with the West valley SWAT team and started to shooting IPSIC and in 1990 I won the state IPSIC B class.  I then went back to LeJuene to rejoin a Sniper platoon.   After 13 years and having my wife give me a son I desided to leave the Marines to be with my family.  But this did not last long I went into the Indiana Army Guard as a Team Leader in a Scout Unit, but then after a year I was offered a job at the Indiana Air Guard as a weapons Instructor.    Below is a breif listing of some of the places and things I have had the chance to go and do within my military life.


2008 - Present  Full Time Police Officer

  • Training Officer on Pistol, Rilfe and Shotgun

1998 - 2008      Indiana Air Guard ( Active Duty )

  • Security forces

  • Supply NCO

  • Weapons Instructor ( Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Machine Gun )

  • Combat Arms Training & Maint. ( Gunsmith )

  • Close precisison Engagement Course Instructor ( Sniper )

1997 - 1998     Indiana Army Guard

  • Scout Team Leader

  • Sniper NCOIC / Trainer

1983 - 1997     United States Marine Corps.

  • Platoon Sergeant ( STA Platoon )

  • Range Coach / Instructor

  • Small Arms Repair

  • Sniper Team Leader

  • Marksmanship Instructor

  • L.I.N.E Instructor ( Hand to Hand )


Schools / Certified in

  • O-Cat ( Pepper Spray)

  • Monadnock Baton Instructor

  • Small Arms ( Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Machine Guns )

  • Verbal Judo Instructor

  • Vehicle Stops Instructor ( STOP )

  • CPEC USAF Instructor

  • Contact Weapon Instructor

  • LINE Instructor USMC

  • S.E.R.E School

  • Urban Combat School

  • Desert Warfare School

  • Mountain Warfare School

  • GunSite Ar. Rifle course

  • FortWayne SWAT School

  • F.B.I. Observer/Sniper School

  • Wilson Combat Matchs ( Match Pistol Armorer )


I have to say all of this would not have been possible if not for my best freind and wife who has put up with me at home and those times when I was sent over seas.  She has always been there for me and never told me not do go for what I wanted. 

K.J. you are the best and I could not ask for more.


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