Mykel Hawke

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Survival Board Member

Mykel Hawke is best know as a Survival Instructor on TV & Film.

He retired from the U.S. Army Special Forces in 2010 qualified as an S.F. Captain, (18A).

He began his service in 1982 on Active Duty and later finished in the Guard & Reserves.

Before becoming a commissioned Officer he was a Sergeant First Class qualified in 3 MOS's.

Hawke served on an ODA as an S.F. Medic, Communicator & Intelligence Operator, (18D, 18E & 18F).

Captain Hawke was rated in 7 languages and served in combat.


As a civilian, Mykel was a licensed Paramedic, FCC Radio Operator, Armed Security, Private Investigator

as well as trained in Skydiving, Scuba and studied multiple martial arts with Black belts in Judo & Aikido.

He has earned a BS in Biology, UNY & an MS in Psychology, UCA and published a best selling language book.

He has been featured in other books about war and in numerous magazines and talk shows on a variety of topics.


Mykel Hawke has run an adventure tourism company, Specops, Inc. for over 15 years.

This company specializes in private, high end, tailored courses for corporations, government and small groups.

As well, they provide training for actors, role players for film and television, advising for movies and producers.

Their areas of expertise cover all things Special Operations and they only us Combat SOF veterans.

They focus on leadership, fitness, self defense, wilderness first aid and of course, outdoor skills.


Mykel's background in survival started with living on the streets for a year as a homeless teenager.

He has studied and applied his unique brand of survival all over the world and in numerous conflicts.

His specialty is no-nonsense, only common sense, surviving with nothing but the clothes on your back and getting home alive, asap.

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