Digital Security for Gunslingers

Digital Security for Gunslingers

Ever have the screws of your laptop fall out in a hotel in Singapore? Wondering if your cellphone conversation is really private, or if your GPS unit leaves you traceable? What keylogging software might be infesting your computer?

Doing business has never been so easy when you have your trusty laptop and iPhone, but is it leaking all of your data remotely, or even locally? What happens when someone steals your laptop? Will that 20 character password really stop them? How can you maintain a semblance of security if your communications are compromised?

Digital Security for Gunslingers is a course designed to address security-related concepts and concerns such as Privacy, Confidentiality, Anonymity, Data Integrity and Encryption, with the risky businessperson in mind. 

No prior experience is necessary, as we will cover basic models for computing and networking, as well as common attack methods and defense strategies. Your training will be hands-on using your own laptop. By the end of the course, you will have acquired the skills you need to accurately assess the threat potential of your digital information, as well as practiced common methods of risk mitigation, threat aversion, and security posturing in a potentially digitally hostile environment.

The course will be taught in a workshop-style, with interspersed lectures and hands-on breakaway sessions for individuals and/or small groups. A digital copy of the course material will be provided to each attendee.


- No experience with information security is necessary, but you must be able to use a computer and browse the internet.

- Bring your laptop!  It can be a PC, Mac, or Linux laptop, but it must be a recent model with USB ports and WiFi support, and preferably also have a CD-ROM drive (MacBook Air and netbooks OK). If you need a laptop with WiFi, the ultra-portable Acer Aspire One netbook can be bought at Amazon for under $300 and meets all the specs necessary for this class. Visit HERE for details.

- In order to ensure that no data on your laptop is disturbed in the course of the training, we will be using a publicly available BackTrack 4 Live CD bootable image on CD or USB stick. The boot media (CD or USB stick) for this software is provided.

- If you would (optionally) like to learn more about BackTrack4 before the class, please visit HERE.

- Come primed with a healthy dose of paranoia, mistrust, and suspicion...

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