SAR Tracking 1

SAR Tracking 1

Students will learn how to recognize, identify, and follow tracks. They will learn how to create a profile of a lost person. Students will learn how to participate as a tracker in a larger SAR team effort, and how to participate in a hasty search. They will learn how to equip themselves, and how to use their equipment to ensure their own safety. They will learn communications tactics that will allow them to communicate findings to the incident commander. Students will learn how to search the point last seen, and establish a search vector. They will learn how to trail as a tracking team. They will learn how to integrate multiple tracking teams into a search. They will learn land navigation, and how to record their movements and relay that information to the incident commander. They will learn awareness skills that will enable them to read the environment, to read concentric rings of nature, to know what is going on beyond the range of their senses. They will learn how to read the landscape and predict likely routes of travel. Students will participate in realistic lost person simulations that will challenge all aspects of their tracking and SAR ability. Finally, students will learn how to train themselves for future SAR deployments. 


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