Surviving Deadly Contact

Surviving Deadly Contact

This dynamic course was designed to take the “average guy”, one who can shoot and hunt, to the next level.  Which is surviving a deadly engagement. 

This course will put you in real life deadly conflict scenarios to see how you would really perform.  We all like to believe we would “be the hero” if something happened at the store, or our home, or the shopping center.  But the reality is, most of us would die. 

Learn what the guys out there doing this for a living know that you don’t.  Learn how to set up realistic training scenarios that will actually help you win a gun fight.

Learn how to employ different weapon systems and which ones are appropriate for a given situation. 

Learn to be a gun fighter rather than a hunter or target shooter. 

This course will be all hands on, running through different scenarios that are likely to happen to you here in the States.  You will learn some knife use, pistol, and carbine. 

You will learn how to handle multiple opponents.

This course involves one day of force on force, using paintball guns, and actually engage in a real life gunfight scenario against other people. 

You will shoot it out in a “parking lot”, a “retail store”, a car, and defend you home.

The second day will be shooting live ammunition with your guns of choice, running live fire drills with the skills you learned during the force on force section. 

Each student must bring a minimum of one box of paintballs, 400 rds. for the handgun, and 500 rounds for the carbine.


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