Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival

This course is entirely outdoors, hands on, in the wild.  You will be taught all of the essentials for life sustainment in the wilderness.  You will learn about gear and kits, what to pack and what to leave behind. 

Each student will work out of a minimal kit to accomplish all of their needs.  You will learn to make fire in any conditions, how to construct a real shelter to keep you alive in extreme temperatures, how to procure, filter, and purify water.  You will learn how to obtain, skin, butcher, and cook meat, you will learn edible and medicinal plants.  You will learn about clothing, knives, chopping tools, and equipment.

You will live outdoors all day, spending the night in your shelter.

This course will give you the confidence you need to take that hunting trip, canoe trip, climbing trip,  fishing trip, or just a hike down the trails. 

Follow on classes are ready for your progress.  Intermediate and advanced level course come next.  When you are finished, you will be able to walk into the wilderness with nothing, not even a knife, and walk back out.  

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Upcoming Classes:

- May 28, 2011: Hamilton, IN

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