Join Now!

Join Pipe Hitters Tactical and have your training Recognized!

You may have taken a class in the past with any number of our charter members and you wish to transfer that class certification to the new Pipe Hitters Tactical Association. 

To join, all you need is:

  • Copy of your class certification
  • Copy of your Government issued ID
  • Passport photo
  • Processing fee of $50

...and you will be sent your new Pipe Hitters Tactical Certification Card in 4-6 weeks.

This card will enable you to instantly have your skills recognized by all our members.

You will also receive discounts on: 

Upcoming charter classes*

Equipment from our store*

Products from other vendors who recognize Pipe Hitters Tactical as an industry leader*

* Full Discount amounts not yet established

This is a limited time offer to “Grandfather” in past students and the classes they have already taken, which will soon fall under a set criteria for advancement towards instructor status.  

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in upcoming classes!

Contact us to make arrangements for payment and to send in copies and photos via the Contact Us link.

Instructors / Member Schools

If you are an instructor or school and would like to have your classes certified by Pipe Hitters Tactical, allowing your students to be recognized by other leaders in our industry, Contact Us for further information and membership requirements. Let us show you how the Pipe Hitters Tactical Association can support and strengthen both you and your students!

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