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Sayoc Tactical Group trains military operators and law enforcement professionals in the fundamentals of edged weapons tactics.   This training is modular and can be seamlessly integrated with an agency’s existing CQC and firearms training.  It provides a blueprint for operators to make optimum decisions quickly, at the point of contact.

Sayoc Tactical Group (STG), is dedicated to teaching modern, effective tactical training and to providing threat assessment and security analysis as envisioned by Founder and President, Christopher Castaneda Sayoc Sr.

Since its arrival in the United States, federal security agencies, military special operations groups, tactical law enforcement groups and private security groups have sought (STG). The curriculum includes such things as multiple-blade deployment, combat firearms training, close quarters combat training, offensive and defensive driving, edge weapon concealment, projectiles, tactical apprehension, firearms retention, blade and empty hand grappling and such specialties as sentry removal, prisoner management and VIP protection. (STG) has taught individuals from the US Navy SEALs, US State Department, FBI, CIA, Federal Air Marshals and Law Enforcement Departments around the country.


The technology utilized by (STG) evolved in the Philippines over hundreds of years of resistance to hostile occupation and has been continually employed and refined by its involvement with military, law enforcement and private security. Christopher Sayoc ensures that the system continues to evolve by requiring his top instructors take a proactive approach to developing and refining both applications of combative technique and methods of teaching.  Instructors are required to study all areas relevant to surviving a hostile situation, including edged weapons skills, firearms, weapon retention, improvised weapons, blunt weapons, empty-hand fighting, grappling, medical management, environmental observation, threat assessment, emergency survival techniques, interrogation, counter-interrogation, etc.

Instructors are further required to learn specific teaching methods, which maximize the amount of information retained by clients with different backgrounds and varying degrees of ability. Through its evolution (STG) has come to include a sophisticated set of techniques for carrying, deploying and applying and defending edged weapons.

The consistent philosophy of (STG) is that all study be based on logical application and that the training continues to evolve through synthesis of all relevant information regardless of source.  Practitioners are taught how to resolve possible situations before they begin or escalate. The training encourages a proactive rather than reactive mindset.  These principles help to ensure that an adherent will develop the knowledge base and presence of mind to achieve a positive outcome in a life-threatening situation.


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