Sigma 3 Survival School

Sigma 3 Survival School


Sigma III survival school is based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas ! We teach classes not only at our school camp but all over the state and surrounding areas. We do survival, tactical, and home preparedness weekends for groups all over and we will come to your property for a workshop.  Sigma teaches these skills to civilians as well as military/law enforcement. And if you have a child interested in taking a course with you then don’t hesitate to sign them up as well! We have in house instructors for specific courses and we also recruit top survival instructors such as Tom Brown III  And Kelly Alwood from across the country for feature courses! The school has a primitive camp on 400 acres, access to 600 acres located on Cedar Creek,  3,000 sq ft  indoor MMA/fitness  training facility, and shooting ranges for tactical training. If you have interest in training with our school just email us and check our upcoming events tab at the right side of every page! If you support what we are doing then please like us on facebook, subscribe to our email feed, and add yourself to our youtube channel. We need your support to become the best school for the best price! Thanks and keep tracking!


Robert Allen
Sigma III Founder

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