Special Operations Tactical Tracking Institute


The Special Operations Tactical Tracking Institute (SOTTI) was founded by Troy A. Lettieri a Special Forces operator with 18 years of experience in special warfare and an established man-tracking expert.

SOTTI is a unique and cutting edge school established to respond to the demand for professional training that produces trackers that specializes in the art and science of human tracking (man-tracking) for military, law enforcement or civilian applications.

SOTTI offers a range of formal classes and courses in tactical/combat tracking and rural small unit tactics for military and law enforcement agencies. This instruction covers sensitive tactics, techniques and procedures.

As well SOTTI offers a selection of training geared for civilians in human tracking, awareness, observation, stalking, bushcraft, navigation and scout skills as used by the Native American Indians, Kalahari and Aboriginal Bushmen as well as the world’s elite Special Operations Forces. These courses and classes are ideally suited for naturalist, survivalist, SAR personnel, hunters or anyone interested in primitive skills and living. We offer theses classes because we recognize that many individuals also wish to incorporate human tracking as part of their skills-sets to enhance there outdoors experience.

SOTTI Mission and Goal

SOTTI mission is dedicated to restoring the art and science of human tracking (man-tracking) for the benefit of passing on decades of hard learned lessons to today's practitioners.

SOTTI goal is to offer professional human tracking (man-tracking) training and services of real practical value that reaches out to those organizations, agencies and industries in grave need of an economical solution to existing or threatening problems. It is also to share knowledge and human tracking expertise to all interested individuals for personal growth or to enhance already existing tracking skill-sets.

For more information contact SOTTI at (910) 489-1132 or sotti@nc.rr.com

Web: www.sotti.com

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Special-Operations-Tactical-Tracking-Institute-SOTTI/153062961386592

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